Hello, Zennies!

How did you do with “Relationship and Reciprocity month?” Did you have some tough conversations? Well if you did just remember, they needed to happen! Now for the month of March, its time for us to “march” towards financial health! Why are we “marching”? Because to achieve true financial health will take the precision, tenacity, and discipline of a soldier! But we can do it! How can we start? Well to begin, we can start by gathering all of our financial information. Examine it and decide what needs attention. Do you have debt? How much and what kind? What can you do to address this issue? What about your savings, and retirement? Investments? Insurance? Education? Charitable giving? Have you considered meeting with a financial professional? You may want to do so. Do your research! Learn what you need to know before you make any decisions! Most importantly, learn to respect your coin! We all work very hard for our money! So let’s use it respectfully!