Hello Zennies! Today we want to talk to you about loss. Loss of a loved one is always hard. It is sad, and when we lose a loved one unexpectedly or tragic way, our grief is magnified. It’s becomes anguish. There is nothing we can do when we lose someone, but we noticed something that too many of us do when we unexpectedly lose a loved one: blame ourselves. We try to convince ourselves that we could have done something to circumvent the chain of events that led to our loved ones demise. But the truth is, unless we were responsible for the situation that caused our loved ones death, or knew they were in a situation that might cause their death and did not intervene, there really is nothing we could have done. And punishing ourselves with feelings of guilt and misplaced responsibility won’t change that. So our advice to anyone struggling with grief associated with the unexpected loss of a loved one is this: remember your loved one. Celebrate them. But remember that you have a right to be happy!