Hello, Zennies! Today we want to talk to you about controlling your holiday spending! We all know that when entering the season of giving, we are also entering the “season of spending” which can lead to some pretty severe financial consequences when the holidays are over.

Overspending can lead to serious issues such as debt, stress, depression, and anxiety. So here are tips to keep holiday spending manageable:

1). Set a budget and don’t go over it. No matter what.

2). Give the gift of service. Do something for someone you love that doesn’t involve spending money, i.e., clean for them, wash their car, spruce up their garden, organize their closet, etc… 

3). Have a swap. Swap items that you already have! You swap an item that your friend/family member loves for one of their items that you love! The swap can be permanent or temporary!

4). Write love letters. Write individual, handwritten letters to those you love. Detail your gratitude for them and express what having them in your life means to you.

5). Have a creative “cheap gift” Christmas! Warning: This is FUN!  Make a deal with your family and friends to find very affordable gifts that are quirky and reflect the personality of the person receiving the gift!

Lastly, we want everyone to remember the true meaning of the season! The true gift to humanity has already been given! There is no need to stress, so don’t! Please enjoy the holiday!