Hello, Zennies! Today we need to talk about a very sensitive, under-examined issue within some dysfunctional Lesbian relationships: Misogyny. First, we need to define misogyny, which is the hatred, contempt, discrimination and prejudice against women and girls. Essentially, it’s the devaluing of females. While healthy Lesbian relationships reaffirm, recognize, and celebrate the value of women, dysfunctional Lesbian relationships seek to establish a hierarchy within the relationship due to certain preconceived ideas regarding what “type” of Lesbian a partner is or should be. For example, will a more masculine presenting partner be viewed and treated as ‘the man’ in the relationship? Will she take on certain responsibilities and characteristics associated with the idea of a traditional, heterosexual male? Will a partner who presents as a  traditional, ‘feminine’ female assume the characteristics associated with that identity? Problems typically arise when there is a conflict regarding assigned role expectations or even worse, the presence of exploitation and manipulation, which are common in the feminine experience.  It’s important to recognize how the presence of misogyny within our larger society has conditioned women to not value women and womanhood as much as they should and how this can be evident in a relationship between two women. It’s important for Lesbian couples to discuss how misogyny can present within their relationship so that it can be addressed. Once properly addressed a healthy, supportive, loving, and affirming relationship can be experienced.