Hello, Zennies!

Well, so much is happening in the world, and it is contributing to a rise in anger! Now please be sure, we as anger specialists understand that anger is an emotion. It’s natural for us to experience anger when confronted with words, situations and people that are disagreeable to us. That is not bad. Anger causes discomfort. That is okay. Now the trouble starts when we decide how we want to address our anger. Please remember, think about how you want to react. You can address an issue, (be sure to determine if the issue is worthy of addressing) and you can do so effectively! How may you ask? Use your words, utilize the appropriate protocol, and you can disengage. If you can, give yourself a chance to calm down before you decide how to react. Also, determine if you always seem to be involved in a hostile situation. Are you the antagonist? Do you tend to overreact? If so, please know that you can get help! Consider meeting with a counseling professional who specializes in anger management.