Hello Zennies!

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of being ready to own your moment! So many of us work very hard in our careers, and within our families, relationships, and communities with the goal of achieving something significant, something worthy of attention and celebration! We often embark upon these tasks in effort to share our strengths and talents to work towards a greater good. But here’s what you may not know; unfortunately, when you are in your “winning season” there are those who truly believe they can say anything negative about you (and to you) because although they seek to insult and emotionally injure you, they truly believe they, as a person (or people) really aren’t important enough to actually hurt you. You are a winner after all! But oh, how they do try to gain recognition by trying to dim your shine while you are having your moment in the sun! Don’t succumb to their darkness. They just wish it were them. That is not shade, that is the truth! Here’s a tip: don’t let ANYONE keep you from enjoying your moment! Savor it! No need to get mad or even acknowledge their attempt to throw a wrench in your moment! Just have fun! Have your cake and eat it too! Don’t throw it! You worked too hard to make it!