It’s the New year and with every New Year there comes the feeling for change; the desire for something new and fresh.  much like the NBA or NFL updating their rosters, such is life and you need to update yours! So, ask yourself, who will make the cut for 2019? Oftentimes life requires that we do a cleaning out and not everyone and everything that has been with us can continue. So here are a few tips to help you decide who gets to stay and who must go:

 1) Are the people in your life adding to it (meaning you feel enriched and empowered by their presence) or are they bringing you down (negative, snippy, stagnant, pessimistic)? 

2) Do you have a habit of never finishing what you start? Or speaking negatively like putting yourself or others down? Doubting that things will turn out right?  You may say to yourself, “this is just how I am…” but you’re not really like this, and you can change. Make a vow to yourself to be different and do differently from this point on! Finish projects and keep a positive frame of mind, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

3) Are you where you deserve to be financially? It can seem like an uphill climb, but who said you had to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro? Instead opt for the steepest hill at your local park and start small making realistic, achievable shifts in your spending and saving habits and become more mindful of your relationship to money, your emotions around spending, and over extending yourself to others monetarily.

4) Don’t have a love life or the one you have needs a reboot? Tend to your emotional Self and extend yourself in unison to someone else. Maybe it’s someone you’ve been with 30 yrs. it’s still possible to invigorate your love life. Be daring, try new things; open up and reveal new aspects of yourself that your partner hasn’t seen before and let the past go. No more getting in the Time Machine revisiting old wounds. If it’s a new relationship take a fun, lighthearted approach, be a ray of sunshine and let the best you shine through! Don’t rush things and don’t bring baggage on a new trip!

5) Are you kind to yourself? Start taking better care of yourself. Dispose of clothing, undergarments, and other artifacts that are old and worn out. Treat yourself to some new necessities in addition to one thing you really want. It’s important to learn how to invest in yourself and recognize you are worthy of putting you first. Don’t blow your budget but treat yourself as a priority, love the way you look and feel. Be mindful of what you put in your body as fuel. Don’t eat on the go, make your meals ceremonial by setting a table for yourself or lighting a candle. Nourish your soul as you nourish your body. 

Change can often be frightening but let it be exciting! The future is now, and it really is whatever you make it!

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