Hello Zennies! We want to talk to you about the importance of “me time”. Most of us know that we could benefit from some time away from our obligations to reconnect with ourselves, but few of us actually have time to do so. Or should we say, make time to do so. Allowing ourselves to have “me time” would require us to make ourselves our top priority. Sadly, too many of us feel guilty about doing this. However, it is important to remember that when we make ourselves our top priority we are making ourselves better. That means that all of those in our lives get a better us! A better spouse, a better son or daughter, a better parent, a better employee, a better friend…you get the picture.  As long as your “me time” is positive and beneficial for you (meaning it will not cause you harm or negatively impact your relationships-we have to clarify that) you should schedule it on a regular basis. You will be better for it!

“Me Time” Exercise

We want you to look at your weekly schedule. Now, we want you to take 2hrs from your week where you make time just for you.  Alone. Why alone? Because this is how you will develop your relationship with yourself. You won’t feel the need to “entertain” anyone or be “on.”  This is an effort to have you act independently without the input or influence or others.  You are concentrating on your needs. Select your activity and do it. Next, evaluate how your emotions, behavior, and interactions with others have been affected since giving yourself your “me time.”  Consider devoting 2 hrs to yourself every week. The choice is yours! Enjoy yourself!

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